Vendor Information

Upcoming Bidding Events / Forward Auctions

To view potential upcoming bidding events, get registered in Ariba:
Registering in Ariba Discovery Portal allows your company profile to be visible to us and several other buying organizations present on the portal. You will be added to Ariba’s communications list so that you can be notified of upcoming bidding opportunities pertaining to your commodity. The Ariba Discovery portal is also the location where we will be searching for suppliers while conducting sourcing events in addition to our SAP system and other business directories.

Note: Supplier registration does not guarantee an invitation to a sourcing event or contract award. Also, not all Freeport bidding events are posted on the Ariba Discovery platform – only the ones where we are looking for additional participants.

There is no cost to register. Please follow the link below to complete your Ariba registration, if you haven’t done so already.

Please visit the Ariba Discovery page for details about upcoming bidding events and self-nomination.

Commodity Listing

For information on Freeport-McMoRan's top commodities, please review the Commodity Management area.