Chino Mine and Processing Facilities

Description: Porphyry open-pit copper mine and processing facilities.

Did you know? The historic mine was among the first low-grade, open-pit copper mines in the world.

Location: Hurley, New Mexico, 15 miles east of the historic mining community of Silver City.

Ores: The predominant oxide copper minerals are chrysocolla and azurite. Chalcocite is the most important secondary copper sulfide mineral, and chalcopyrite and molybdenite the dominant primary sulfides.

Processes and facilities: Concentrator and SX/EW facility.

Background:Originally mined by Native Americans and later by Spaniards. The open-pit mine began production in 1910. The original concentrator went into operation in 1911, but was replaced by a new facility in 1982. A smelter was commissioned in 1939 and was modernized in 1985 to increase capacity and achieve compliance with the Clean Air Act. In 2005, the smelter was permanently closed. It became part of Freeport-McMoRan in 2007. 

Ownership: 100%.