Copper Specialty Products

FCX's Bayway Operation in Elizabeth, N.J., provides unique products for industry, transportation, and communications. We produce a complete line of ETP copper and oxygen-free copper wire in assorted configurations. These include tubular bus conductors, billets, round, flat and trolley wire, as well as components for resistance welding. Additional products include copper alloys for special applications, such as aerospace, where materials are subject to severe environmental conditions. We are committed to providing superior quality products, produced at competitive costs, to customers around the globe. We seek to prosper by forging partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

FCX's Bayway operation provides world-class solutions to many industries.

Aerospace – High-strength/high-conductivity military and commercial aircraft wiring systems used in the instrumentation, in-flight entertainment, fuel systems and engine controls.

Medical – Ultra-fine medical cables, coils for conventional and stand-up Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) units.

Electronics – Wiring components for security systems, sound and broadcast applications, computer automation and robotics.

Transportation – High-speed rail and mass transit, corrosion resistant armature for heavy-duty starter motors, ABS braking systems.

Geophysical – Energy generation and exploration.

High-Energy Physics – Field windings for high current density magnets, superconductive coils for high-energy physics research, magnetic levitation coils and energy transfer.

Welding – RWMA Class I, II & III Resistance welding electrodes and related welding components.

Injection Molding – High-thermal conductivity mold components for injection and plastic molding systems.

Induction and Industrial Heating – Mass heating and melting induction heating coils.

Precision Metal Stamping, Forming and Machining – High-strength/high- conductivity electrical connectors and contractors, small caliber ammunition, cold heading, wire-forms, springs, precision machined electrical fittings and components.

High-Voltage Power Generation and Transmission – AC and DC power conversion systems, transformers, switchgears, industrial motors and generator coils.

FCX's Bayway operation meets every challenge with experience, expertise and the power to connect.

Bayway Plant