Flat Wire and Copper Strip

Copper Strip

Flat Wire and Copper Strip is a rectangular or square shaped wire that has been rolled from round wire or extruded stock to precision tolerances. Flat Wire and Copper Strip is also commonly refereed to as electromechanical strip.

These products will meet or exceed ASTM specification

Applications for this product include high speed stamping and multi-slide forming, windings in transformers, commutators, and electrical components.

Freeport-McMoRan Bayway Operations offer these products in a broad range of alloys, including C101-102, C110, C105-107, C162, C165, C182, C1815 and our renowned PD 135 Alloy.

The products are produced in all tempers including Spring grades. All products are supplied with rolled edges, from full round to square. Size range from .015 to .437 thick, and .125 to 3.500 wide. Many sizes are available with a tin-coated finish.

Flat Wire and Copper Strip is available in pancake coils, straight lengths, or on reels. Various Packaging configurations are available including fiber, plastic, steel and wooden reels with weights up to 1,000 lb.

Principal Application

  • Armatures for motors
  • High Speed Stamping
Copper Strip with manifold utilitarian quality

Size Availability

  • Width - 0.125" - 3.500"
  • Thickness - 0.015" - 0.437"
  • Rolled Edge
  • Bare or Hot Tin Dipped
Copper Strip Manufacture



Non-magnetic, flexible, and durable copper strip by Bayway Operations



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