Product Stewardship

Environmental and social performance of mining operations, as well as of the metals we produce, continues to be of interest to many stakeholders within the value chain, from customers to regulators. We view this trend as an opportunity to engage on the vital importance of our products for social progress as well as on our programs that guide responsible operating practices.

Maintaining market access for our products allows us to remain a viable business entity. Members of our Product Stewardship team engage both downstream customers and international governmental agencies on operational and product-specific sustainability issues. We believe that proactive engagement on product stewardship matters can help reduce sustainability-related risks and ultimately enable us to continue to deliver positive contributions to society.

Our Product Stewardship team is led by our Vice President of Environmental Services and Sustainable Development and is coordinated with our global product sales and legal teams with support from multiple technical experts.

During 2016, the team addressed issues including:

  • Business-to-business due diligence efforts related to sustainability policies, programs and performance of our operations
  • Input into development of draft Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Minerals Risk Handbook
  • European Union and European Commission proposals regarding responsible sourcing objectives for minerals
  • Pending and final regulations related to chemicals management in the value chain
  • Analysis and input regarding globally emerging regulations, or policies from international governmental agencies for product labeling requirements
  • Tracking and interfacing on the product stewardship work of trade associations, including the International Copper Association, ICMM, Cobalt Development Institute and International Molybdenum Association
  • Emerging nongovernmental sustainability certification, benchmarking and reporting initiatives