Sustainable Development Risk Register

The Freeport-McMoRan Sustainable Development framework is implemented based on operation-specific factors and influences, including regional context, type of operation and social setting. Essential to this framework is the Sustainable Development Risk Register process, which prioritizes risks that could have the potential for negative consequences to our business and our stakeholders as it relates to areas including health and safety, respect for human rights, the environment, and community stability and economic impacts. The Sustainable Development Department and senior corporate multi-disciplinary personnel coordinate with operations to ensure prioritization processes are consistent with corporate procedures and provide guidance to ensure alignment of priorities and mitigation plans.

Sustainability focus areas identified through this process at the global level are reviewed annually by our Sustainable Development Leadership Team and communicated to members of the board. The current focus areas are described in Sustainability Focus Areas, throughout our website and in the 2016 Working Toward Sustainable Development Report.