South America

Our overall community investment in South America was approximately $8 million in 2015, which included contributions for economic development and infrastructure; education and training; and safety, health and the environment.

In 2015, the Spanish-language DreamBuilder program achieved a significant increase in enrollment; the number of Spanish-language program users nearly doubled in Chile and Peru from the end of 2014 to the end of 2015. Partner organizations played a key role in driving student enrollment and success. Awareness of DreamBuilder increased as the program was presented at many events around the world including the Lima Chamber of Commerce (LCC)'s Annual Women's Forum in Peru, and a Chilean Governmental Round Table convened by the Ministry of Economy in Santiago, Chile.

In Peru, the Ministry of Women incorporated DreamBuilder into programs for victims of domestic violence and the Ministry has an agreement with Cerro Verde to expand their use of DreamBuilder. The Governor of Arequipa Province announced her support for DreamBuilder and has made completion of the program a prerequisite for participation in her new initiative "lniciativa de Inclusion de la mujer emprendedora" (lnclusion of Women Entrepreneurs initiative). To support economic development in the region, and specifically the growth of women-owned businesses, the project provides vocational training and equipment for women interested in starting a textile business.

Our Cerro Verde operation near Arequipa, Peru invested in a number of infrastructure and service improvements during 2015. A hydraulic infrastructure study was conducted and a comprehensive assessment of the irrigation infrastructure of Water Board of Users from La Joya Nueva and La Joya Antigua was completed. The objective of these efforts is to promote efficient use of water resources in the region. In addition, over $1 million was invested in the restoration of cultural monuments across the region including the Basilica Cathedral, La Compañia Church, San Agustin Church, Santo Domingo Church, Juan Pablo II Pastoral Center and the Santa Rosa Convent which benefits over 1.2 million community members. Over $2 million was invested in road maintenance in Uchumayo, Sachaca, Tiabaya and Hunter which will benefit over 95,000 people.

Our El Abra operation near Calama, Chile continues to invest in a number of infrastructure and service improvements. Construction on the first stage on the Don Bosco Technical School in Calama began in 2015. The nearly $26 million investment aims to have 480 students enrolled by 2016 and 1,280 students by 2018. The creation of this institution ensures an increase in the number of community members qualified for industry positions in the region.