Recent Activity

In line with our commitment to aligning our due diligence practices with the UN Guiding Principles, we completed a corporate‐level human rights impact assessment (Corporate HRIA) in 2014. The Corporate HRIA covered 28 mining and metals operations (in Chile, DRC, Finland, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Peru, Spain, the UK and the U.S.).

Building on this, we completed our first site-level HRIA at our former Tenke Fungurume Mining (TFM) operation in the DRC in 2015 (TFM HRIA). TFM was prioritized for a site-level assessment on the basis that it was identified as our highest-ranking site for both potential and actual impacts in the Corporate HRIA. The TFM HRIA involved the direct engagement of more than 70 stakeholders in and around TFM, and in the broader southeastern DRC (including a range of actually or potentially affected rights holders).

In 2016, we continued to advance integration of the UN Guiding Principles into our business. Activities included:

  • Coordination between corporate resources and operational teams to review sustainable development risk registers from a human rights perspective and to identify related risks, beyond traditional security matters
  • Monitoring implementation of Action Plans that were developed to investigate, mitigate and/or remedy adverse human rights impacts (both actual and potential) identified in the 2015 TFM Human Rights Impact Assessment (TFM HRIA) via the site’s risk register process
  • Initiating a process to update Freeport Compliance exchange (FCeX), our online supplier due diligence platform, to include additional human rights topics

Our multi-sector industry dialogue on human rights continued through the Business for Social Responsibility human rights working group and Sustainability 50, an executive-level peer-to-peer sharing forum. In addition, our team regularly engages with the financial community, customers, civil society and value chain partners to discuss and receive feedback on our human rights program, in particular, overall progress on implementation of UN Guiding Principles and associated reporting.